Sam Strickland

Education Exposed 2: In pursuit of the halcyon dream: The curriculum is God, so make it

Education Exposed 2 follows on from Sam Strickland's first book, Education Exposed. The book is a pacy, punchy and forthright critique of how to drive the curriculum, behaviour and teaching within a school and the pivotal role that leadership plays in pursuing the halcyon dream. The book is neatly laid out, with each chapter identifying common curricular misconceptions, posing lots of key questions to consider and offering multiple practical ideas that you can take away. Every chapter ends with five key takeaway points for you to carefully consider. 

The book neatly interplays theory, research, Sam's expertise and experience coupled with a practical and real world approach. The first section of the book champions the importance of the curriculum and knowledge. The second section examines behaviour and how this can be driven by senior leaders coupled routine driven approach to learning. This section also takes you through a series of curriculum tools and teaching approaches that will assist you in thinking about how to implement and drive the curriculum. 

The third section of the book examines leadership; how leaders can champion the teacher as the expert and how a school culture can be supported and monitored carefully. Education Exposed 2 is relevant for anyone working in a school, irrespective of their position or role. It is designed to be an accessible, versatile and quick read. Equally, it can be used as a dip-in and dip-out guide. Multiple practical approaches and strategies are offered as key take-away points.

What do we think?

Sam's ideas are based on his extensive experience as an educator and school leader, giving him a grounded and realistic perspective which reflects in the book. 

It's a must-read for anyone interested in improving the curriculum, behaviour and teaching within a school, as it provides insightful analysis and practical recommendations for addressing the challenges facing the education system today. Strickland's writing style is engaging and accessible, making complex concepts easy to understand.