Geoff and Margaret's Old School Book of Retirement Tales

"Geoff and Margaret's Old School Book of Retirement Tales" is a real gem, packed with the kind of wisdom, laughs, and heart you'd expect from two seasoned teachers. It's more than just their memories – it's a bit of a rallying cry for teachers everywhere.

The book takes us through Geoff and Margaret's answering 'The Call', looking back at how education's changed, but also at what's stayed the same – the core of what makes a great teacher. It's full of stories, from the laugh-out-loud kind to the ones that make you stop and think, all reminding us that teaching's about more than just sticking to the syllabus. It's about those unexpected, magic moments.

In a world where education's always shifting, this book stands out. It reminds us of the things that don't change – the commitment, the community, and the joy teaching brings. It's a breath of fresh air for any teacher, new or old, showing that while our methods might change, the heart of teaching doesn't.

"This Old School Book" is not just a trip down memory lane. It's a guide for today's teachers, mixing lessons from the past with today's challenges. It's a must-read, not just for teachers looking for a bit of inspiration and connection, but for anyone interested in the real, enduring spirit of teaching.