Nick Hart

Impact: A five-part framework for driving difference in schools

From influential Executive Headteacher Nick Hart comes Impact, a practical framework for improving outcomes for children in both primary and secondary classrooms, helping them thrive and succeed. 

Impact provides a strategy for thinking about, planning for and maximising the impact of teaching in your school. All educational establishments require leaders and teachers who can make a difference, regardless of the community context, age range or Ofsted grading of the school. 

This book condenses the knowledge that educators need and offers practical steps to improve academic attainment and progress, as well as pastoral outcomes such as social and emotional development, behaviour, attendance and wellbeing. Impact is ideal for the aspiring middle leader striving to make a difference in their school, the middle leader tasked with raising standards in their subject or phase, and the senior leader working on school improvement. 

Nick Hart identifies a five-part framework for understanding what impact really looks like, helping educators at all levels to plan for and recognise the difference they can make in their classroom, department or school. 

What do we think?

This book is the perfect tool to inform professional development, subject action plans and school development plans in a very practical way.