Matthew Evans

Leaders With Substance: An Antidote to Leadership Genericism in Schools

Leadership literature is drowning in abstract theories and models of heroic leadership, but an agreed definition of the term is elusive. School leadership suffers from this lack of clarity and consensus. Generic approaches to school improvement dominate the sector, which have left the workforce feeling anything but 'well led'. What exactly should school leaders know and do? How do we put 'substance' back into school leadership? 

This book draws on research evidence to explore the specific things that expert leaders know and do, arguing for a notion of school leadership rooted in the realities of leaders' daily experiences. It presents a case for how school leaders can develop their expertise and, in doing so, places domain-specific knowledge at the heart of school improvement efforts. 

Leaders With Substance is not a handbook. It sets out to change the way we think of leadership and school improvement. It is both a critique, a manifesto, and a call to arms.

What do we think?

This book provides practical advice and strategies for leaders to create a vision, build relationships, and lead with integrity. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be an effective leader and how to cultivate the substance that is necessary for success.