Pete Mattock

Leading Maths

Being the leader of Mathematics in any UK school comes with a certain set of duties and demands. "Leading Maths" by Peter Mattock is an excellent resource for math leaders, regardless of experience level.

The book dives into fundamental topics such as performance management, inspection strategy, improvement plan creation, and team leadership. Instead of merely regurgitating theories of leadership, the book provides practical, real-world guidance gained from real experience. The fact that he doesn't downplay the challenges and the hazards that math leaders may face is especially beneficial.

Every chapter is organised for convenience and ends with useful takeaways that highlight the main ideas covered. "Leading Maths" offers much to offer whether you're new to leadership or looking for fresh viewpoints to revitalise your present strategy. This is an essential resource since it focuses on the unique pressures maths leaders confront.

The intended audience:

New mathematics department heads

Aspiring mathematics leaders

Experienced mathematics leaders searching for new ideas and strategies

School leaders who want to better understand the world of the mathematics department

All things considered, "Leading Maths" is a highly recommended book for anyone starting out as a math lead in both primary and secondary school.