Angela Browne

Lighting the Way: The case for ethical leadership in schools

Amidst the voices questioning the efficacy and morality of the UK's current education system comes a compelling book by Angela Browne, star of the BBC2 documentary series School, offering a new, positive, ground-up approach to leading a school in times of challenge.

This essential guide presents a crucial approach to ethical school leadership that places primary and secondary school leaders at the forefront of change in the education system. It provides an in-depth, realistic look at the current system, enabling school leaders to understand and contextualise their roles, before offering practical solutions to help them develop their leadership style, navigate the challenges they face and have a significant impact on their school and wider community.

Written in the context of an education system on the edge of a crisis, with students burning out, staff walking out and schools under increasing pressure to singlehandedly provide the social care so many young people desperately need, Lighting the Way argues that schools stand on the threshold of a new way forward. Angela uses her wealth of experience to show school leaders the path to being torchbearers, leading children with purpose, staff with integrity and the community towards wisdom with practical strategies, optimism and guidance.

What do we think?

The book provides a compelling argument for the importance of ethical leadership in schools, emphasising the positive impact it can have on both students and staff. 

Angela draws on a wealth of research and real-world examples to demonstrate how ethical leadership can improve school culture, foster trust and respect among stakeholders, and ultimately lead to better outcomes for students. 

With practical advice and strategies for leaders to develop their ethical leadership skills, including how to build relationships, make tough decisions, and create a values-driven school culture.