Al Kingsley

My Secret #EdTech Diary

With 30+ years' experience developing and using EdTech products, distilled down into an easy-to-read format, My Secret EdTech Diary aims to get you thinking about the past, present and future role of educational technology and how it influences and shapes our education system. My Secret EdTech Diary reflects on the history of EdTech, lessons learned pre and post-Covid, best practice suggestions, how to select the right solutions and the questions you need to consider before pursuing your digital ambitions. With unique insights from an Educators' and Vendors' perspective, advice for budding EduPreneurs, guidance for schools considering how to co-produce technology solutions with vendors and how to make the right choices, Al aims to shine a light on Educational Technology through the widest possible lens. With links to research, insights from trusted peers, quick ready-reckoner checklists, questions you need to be asking, alongside voices aligned from the sector, this book aims to get you up to speed and thinking big picture EdTech.

What do we think?

‘My Secret #Edtech Diary explains the history of EdTech, and the great potential that is the future. It is an easy-to-read book, with lots of practical ideas to use in schools, and many time and money saving tips.


The book is divided into six sections, it guides you through ‘Unpicking Edtech’, ‘ Lessons learned with Edtech’, ‘Edtech from a vendor’s perspective’, ‘Planning ahead with your digital strategy’, ‘Voices Aligned’ and ‘Places to learn from - my top 10’s’

Kingsley sets the scene with an introduction to the Unpicking EdTech and brings it into context of today’s climate, which the book addresses remote learning. I really love the ‘Voices Aligned’ which asks key voices in the education world key questions like; ‘To me, EdTech means …’ and ‘What should EdTech vendors be doing to support schools?’ The answers are very insightful.

“This is an interesting book which has lots of thoughtful and valuable information for school leaders from a range of different sources. If you are interested in everything about EdTech, then this is the book for you."