Emma Turner

Simplicitus - 'The Interconnected Primary Curriculum'

To make her point, Emma uses a unique approach. She doesn't just rely on conventional academic wisdom and research. Instead, she supplements traditional theories with a wealth of insights gleaned from her extensive experience in the field of primary education. This makes "Simplicitus" not just a theoretical 

guide to curriculum design, but also a road map to success, steeped in the practical realities of daily classroom life. Emma cleverly weaves together theory and practice, forging a bridge between the abstract academic world and the tangible world of primary education. 

'Simplicitus' goes beyond being just an informative read. With its engaging and personable tone, it empowers you, the reader, to see primary curriculum design in a new light. Emma, with her rich blend of academic knowledge and real-world experiences, democratizes the complex process of curriculum design, making it accessible to educators of all experience levels. 

"In the crossroads of academic thinking and child development, lies the heart of primary curriculum design."

The above quote is more than just a statement; it's also a philosophy that underpins every chapter of the 'Simplicitus'. Emma encourages you to see the points of intersection between child development and academic thinking as essential to creating effective primary curriculum. 

'Simplicitus' is well balanced – Emma skillfully addresses the inherent complexity of curriculum design, yet she maintains an undertone of simplicity throughout. It's a great book, that mirrors its title, simplifying the complex without trivialising it. 

But there's more to this book than just the insightful content and valuable guidance. It's also a testament to Emma's love for primary education. Her dedication and passion resonate throughout the book, giving it an authentic and heartfelt feel.