Rae Snape

The Headteacher's Handbook

"The Headteacher's Handbook" by Rae Snape is an indispensable manual, guiding current and aspiring headteachers in leading a primary school effectively. This comprehensive guide touches on essential topics from developing curriculum, analyzing data, and managing budgets, to working with key stakeholders. It serves not merely as a firefighting tool, but emphasises thriving and succeeding with authenticity and integrity in the often dynamic environment of a primary school. 

What sets this book apart is its practical approach. The reader is encouraged to pause, reflect, and engage in self-scrutiny. The topics covered are broad, spanning from the establishment of vision and culture, to routine management details. This book is also rich with insights from other respected leaders, adding credibility and an array of practical lessons for the reader.

The text allows you to harness key dispositions such as empathy, inventiveness, persistence, humility, and generosity, enabling you to transfer your energy to your school community effectively. However, it recognises that each school's unique character and context require a tailored approach.

This guide is not about transforming you into an omnipotent leader, but rather fostering pragmatic leadership, understanding that headship is a collaborative task. The book promotes effective leadership through embodying creativity, courage, communication, confidence, consideration, and calmness. 

In a nutshell, "The Headteacher's Handbook" serves as an invaluable guide for enhancing leadership skills while helping you maintain a balance in your life. A highly recommended read for those aspiring to be agile, resilient, and respected headteachers.