Andrew Cowley

The Wellbeing Toolkit: Sustaining, supporting and enabling school staff

"The Wellbeing Toolkit" by Andrew Cowley is a valuable resource for promoting wellbeing and resilience among school staff. Andrew, drawing on his own experiences as a school leader, challenges myths surrounding wellbeing and offers practical strategies to foster a positive atmosphere within the school community.

This thought-provoking book emphasises the importance of developing a culture of positivity and self-care. Andrew encourages staff members to take ownership of their wellbeing by promoting healthy lifestyles and providing support for potentially stressful situations. By considering the needs of teachers and staff, school leaders can reduce workload, manage stress, and support individuals in challenging circumstances.

With a whole-school perspective, "The Wellbeing Toolkit" advocates for strategic consideration of staff wellbeing. The book highlights the importance of understanding staff members, their motivations, and factors that affect their confidence. By implementing the book's strategies, leaders can improve staff attendance and retention while reigniting teachers' passion for their profession.

Practical and actionable, this book goes beyond theory, offering effective strategies for school leaders to implement. The book's approach challenges traditional notions and emphasises the need to prioritise staff wellbeing. By creating a healthier and more vibrant working environment, schools can positively impact the entire school community.

"The Wellbeing Toolkit" is a thought-provoking and timely guide that promotes resilience among school staff. With practical advice and a focus on positive change, Andrew's expertise provides valuable insights for school leaders, ultimately enhancing the educational experience for staff and students alike.