Matthew Lane

Wayfinder: Leading Curriculum Vision into Reality

The comprehensive and incredibly detailed "Wayfinder: Leading Curriculum Vision into Reality" by Matthew Lane is an invaluable resource for educational leaders navigating the treacherous waters of curricular transformation.

Three separate sections make up Matthew's approach, each of which focuses on important facets of transformation and leadership. The first section, "Being a leader and manager of change," explores the subtle distinctions between managing and leading, emphasising the value of emotional intelligence and the servant leadership paradigm. This part lays a solid foundation for the book by establishing that thoughtful and compassionate leadership is the first step towards implementing meaningful change.

The second section, "Making change happen," offers a methodical strategy for putting change into practice while moving from theory to reality. While acknowledging the difficulties that would inevitably arise during this process, such as opposition and adoption, Matthew offers a reasonable yet ambitious plan. Matthew has demonstrated his commitment to providing educators with a useful guide by including chapters on planning, developing change plans, and the specific stages of implementation.

Matthew's work moves from strategy to tactics in the last section, "Tools for supporting change," where he offers resources for locating, creating, and delivering CPD along with logistical and curricular documentation recommendations. Because it may be immediately applied to the reader's everyday professional practice, this section is especially beneficial.

"Wayfinder" is essentially an insightful book about how educational settings can deal with change. It pushes readers to adopt a rigorous, introspective approach to leadership rather than clinging to the security of the status quo. Undoubtedly, Matthew's work will serve as a beacon for those who wish to lead curricular vision into reality.

Matthew's "Wayfinder" is recommended by us because of its meticulous planning, comprehensive approach, and proactive understanding of the needs of educational leaders.