Mark Solomons

What Makes Teachers Unhappy and What Can You Do About It?

Many teachers, support staff and school leaders are tired, stressed and overstretched. And even though this frequently makes the headlines, it isn’t a new problem. In this book, Mark Solomons and Fran Abrams argue staff wellbeing should be rooted in the culture and climate of our schools. They provide a roadmap to recovery for struggling schools which should lead to improvements in staff morale, workload management and mental wellbeing.

With a range of real-life examples, this book focuses on how school leaders can build workplace wellbeing in even the most challenging environments. It includes clear links to research evidence and summaries of the key steps necessary to deal with common issues such as:

Identifying and mapping issues in your school

Leading for wellbeing

Creating and maintaining a happy workforce

Developing a culture of everyday wellbeing

Overseeing change

Written in an entertaining yet informative manner, this is the go-to guide for school leaders who want to support staff by building a more positive and supportive workplace.

What do we think?

This is a great book, full of useful ways to improve teacher wellbeing that digs deep into school cultures and demonstrates ways to make a difference with lots of practical ideas and case studies to learn from.