Jonathan Coy

#Wellbeing: Top Educational Resources Books

The CRAFT Of Assessment
Michael Chiles
The CRAFT approach of assessment for learning is a strategy that can be applied at a subject level and at a whole school level to assess student learning from across the Key Stages.
The School Leader's Year
Michael Harpham
This practical handbook offers a month-by-month guide to the curriculum, assessment, progress, and leadership over the school year. It provides a clear, comprehensive, and coherent structure to the academic year helping school leaders to prioritise their time and workload, supporting them and their team to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.
A Practical Guide to Pupil Wellbeing. Strategies for Classroom Teachers.
Kirsten Colquhoun
Every year thousands of research papers, guidance documents and educational aims are published on pupil mental health and wellbeing. Many of them offer insightful ideas and theories, but what is often lacking is a clear route for busy classroom teachers to apply these findings. A focus on wellbeing is here to stay, but what does it mean? How does it apply to the curriculum? And what is a teacher's role? This book critically explores the importance of being a research-informed teacher, assesses some of the key health and wellbeing areas that class teachers can directly affect, and offers practical advice on how to do this. What do we think? This is a great book, full of useful tips on how to support pupil wellbeing with case studies, points to consider, discussion points and lots of information from supporting individual children to evaluating whole school approaches to wellbeing.
Impact: A five-part framework for driving difference in schools
Nick Hart
From influential Executive Headteacher Nick Hart comes Impact, a practical framework for improving outcomes for children in both primary and secondary classrooms, helping them thrive and succeed.
The Wellbeing Toolkit: Sustaining, supporting and enabling school staff
Andrew Cowley
The Wellbeing Toolkit by Andrew Cowley is a valuable resource for promoting wellbeing and resilience among school staff. It challenges myths surrounding wellbeing and offers practical strategies to foster a positive atmosphere. It emphasises the importance of understanding staff members, their motivations, and factors that affect their confidence. By implementing the book's strategies, school leaders can improve staff attendance and retention while reigniting teachers' passion for their profession.
What Makes Teachers Unhappy and What Can You Do About It?
Mark Solomons
Many teachers, support staff and school leaders are tired, stressed and overstretched. And even though this frequently makes the headlines, it isn’t a new problem. In this book, Mark Solomons and Fran Abrams argue staff wellbeing should be rooted in the culture and climate of our schools. They provide a roadmap to recovery for struggling schools which should lead to improvements in staff morale, workload management and mental wellbeing.